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Be prepared to enter the exciting theme worlds of Catalina and let yourself be mesmerized by this unique arcade puzzle game
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29 May 2013

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Arcade puzzle games are very popular among novice players of computer games who don’t like to go into the details of those comprehensive action or racing games. Such users play these games in their leisure time and to involve themselves in a brain teaser and entertaining exercise. For such users, there is a number of freeware and shareware games available online, either downloadable locally or for playing only on the web page where the game is embedded in a flash format. The puzzles where the player has to eliminate the tiles by arranging them in a combination are quite popular. One such game is Jalada Catalina v.1.6.2.

Jalada Catalina by Jalada GmbH is a shareware arcade puzzle game for Windows. Another version of this game has also been developed for Mac operating system found on Apple computers. It combines the exciting elements of a brain teasing puzzle, along with an impressive layout. The game features a marvellous interface with a theme in the background and colourful tiles arranged in a pattern which the player has to move and align minimum three tiles of same colour to eliminate those tiles. On the right hand side of the game screen, you can see the total score in big digits and a running timer during your session. The target of the player is to break all the tiles present on the game screen by matching groups of three or more tiles in a row. You also get various rewards during your gameplay which help you to speed up your game for proceeding towards your target. It employs simple controls, five different themes, three levels of difficulty and hundred levels in the whole game.

To sum up, Jalada Catalina v.1.6.2 is nice game for people who want an easy-to-play and mind boggling puzzle with various attractive themes. Hence, it receives a score of four rating points on the scale of five.

Publisher's description

Be prepared to enter the exciting theme worlds of Catalina and let yourself be mesmerized by this unique arcade puzzle game. jalada Catalina is an entertaining blend of a popular matching game and a brain-busting puzzle. Everything is made to envelop you in a relaxing, but also mind challenging universe.

Arrange the colorful game pieces into matching groups of three or more to break the targets on a board. Various rewards will help you to solve a level in a faster way. Your mission is to shatter all target pieces on each level, and to do this before the time runs out, or take your time and relax in the puzzle play mode. Keep doing this until you have beaten the last level. The more matches you make the higher your score.
The combination of easy control, 5 themes with stunning backgrounds, 3 difficulties plus 100 unique levels makes jalada Catalina a nearly never ending game experience for the whole family.
jalada Catalina
jalada Catalina
Version 1.8
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